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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get something for all of the sharing and engaging that you do? Well, that’s what Social Rewards are all about. Share my site on Facebook and get rewarded. It’s no more complicated than that. Kazooky gives you the tools (and rewards) to instantly add Social Rewards to your website.

You know your existing customers – they are loyal and they buy your products BUT what about everyone else? Your bottom line goal is to build your customer base and increase revenues. Through the power of Social Rewards you can quickly and dramatically increase your Website’s reach.

Why Kazooky?

Simple because we offer the best experience for your users. Our front end widgets are easy to add to your websites and easy for your customers to consume. We give you free Social Rewards to award and share with your visitors.

Because we go beyond simple 1 to 1 tools. We want to build a community around your website and your Social Rewards. People should be engaged with you at every level, leaving them satisfied and coming back on a regular basis.

You audience does not stop at the people visiting your website, this is where it begins. Every single person touches many more people, offering exponential growth. You need simple and easy to use tools to enable EVERY person that visits your website with the ability to help you grow.

We believe this is one of the most important elements of promoting your company’s products and services. In short, this viral marketing creates the ability for people to share their positive experiences within their circle of friends. Through Kazooky Social Rewards, users are able to share loyalty points and rewards with their friends. Imagine your clients sharing promotional reward news about your website with their friends on their social page. Increasing the strength and momentum of the viral sharing can make your website gain commercial exposure and traction almost overnight.

We know that not everyone wants to go out and their own rewards. This takes time, money and a general understanding of your audience and what rewards to offer. This can be daunting to get started so we thought it made sense to give you a set of default rewards that you can offer out of the box.

These range from all sorts of rewards such as great discounts, gift cards and free products. The best part is that they are FREE to you to offer to your visitors and customers.

Kazooky feels that you have a lot more important things to do than spend time trying to integrate some complicated technical solution.  We’re no different – frankly we just want to get the technical stuff out of the way so you can start making sales.

So we have developed the Kazooky Social Rewards system to ensure that you are focused on improving your customer’s experience and spend less time worrying about the technical bits and pieces.  With our quick, 3 minute integration, it’s all about getting going as fast a possible.

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The Kazooky Social Rewards Tool bar has really enhanced my ability to encourage my clients to share their experience with their social network. I have seen strong viral growth in new visitors since installing the Kazooky social rewards tool bar.

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Super Powered Social Sharing

Social Sharing is a powerful tool for your content and website. You need to do whatever you can to ensure that people are sharing your content.

Custom Twitter #Hashtags

Let everyone know about your cool Twitter Hashtag. If you don’t have one, no one is talking about you. And did we mention it’s super easy to add without any code?

Social Rewards for FREE

Yeah we know we give a lot away for free, even rewards. We have a great catalog of Social Rewards for you to give to your customers for their loyalty.

Social Sign In

Don’t put up a barrier for people to get to know you. Let them AND their friends in with one click, easy to use social sign ins. We support Facebook, Twitter and Google.